Leadership Roles

These are the various leadership roles and responsibilities pertaining to individual positions. These roles are what govern the whole JILCE institutions

Roles & Responsibilities

  • President

    Functions and roles of the President but not limited to only these will require other additional roles when need arises:

    1. Creates, Communicates and implement the organization’s vision, mission and overall direction.
    2. Hires, fires and manages all employees of the company.
    3. Leads, guides, directs and evaluate all other officer’s or departments managers and employees, and ensures they carrying out the daily operations of the company.
    4. Meets regularly with other officer’s or managers of company to make sure that the decisions the organization needs to make are prescient and strategic.
    5. Confirms that all officers and managers are conveying the company’s philosophies and guidelines to their own teams so that all employees understand the expectations of the company.
    6. Oversees all financials aspects of the company and maintains awareness, customers, markets new industry development and standards ( Innovation)
  • Legal department

    Functions/Duties & Responsibilities of Legal department:

    1. Serve as the primary legal advisor to the organisation, providing sound and timely counsel on a board range of legal issues.
    2. Proactively identify,assess, and manage legal risks facing the organisation, and develop strategies to mitigate and resolve such risks.
    3. Oversee the development and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
    4. Draft, review, and negotiate a wide variety of contracts and other legal documents, ensuring that the Organisation’s are protected.
    5. Manage litigation and other disputes involving the organisation, including coordinating with outside counsel as necessary.
    6. Advise on employment law matters, including hiring, firing, discipline, leaves of absence, and accommodations.
    7. Provide training to employees on legal topics or issues relevant to their roles within the organisation.
    8. Maintain relationships with Key stakeholders, including government officials, regulators and industry associations.
    9. Represent the organisation at conferences, seminars, and other events.
    10. Perform research on legal issues as needed.
    11. Supervise and mentor junior legal staff to aspire to senior positions.
  • Director of Fund mobilization

    Functions/Roles of Director of Fund mobilization:

    1. Manage relationships with Key donors and stakeholders
    2. Design and implement a strategic results – oriented and coordinated approach to the mobilization of significant additional resources from traditional and non – traditional sources such as private sector organization’s, foundations or high net worth individuals to fund the said vision – IPUA.
    3. Actively liaise with internal and external partners in the implementation of this plan and ensure systematic and transparent reporting on fundraising and related communication activities and results.
    4. Oversee reporting back to donors and areas board and initiate and oversee grant proposals submissions.
    5. Monitoring progress against milestones and objectives and reporting overall progress.
    6. Work with the external Universities consortiums and other relevant departments and staff to develop external materials, resources and messages tailored to specific constituencies and target of existing and potential donors.
    7. Coordinate the functional areas within the external affairs department to develop and implement cohesive short, medium and long-term departmental strategies for resource mobilization.
    8. Developing departmental work plans based on inputs from functional areas.
    9. Overseeing financial management for the department, including developing and monitoring the departmental budget, preparing and submitting quarterly best estimates, and systematizing contracts management.
    10. Represent IPUA at relevant International meetings and events as appropriate upon the adequate consultation of the house.
  • networking Director of IPUA

    Duties or roles of networking Director of IPUA:

    1. Shall act as principal interphase between IPUA and the Private Universities based on relevant issues.
    2. Shall ensure the Optimal performance of the IPUA project and enhance benefits derived the consortiums of Universities.
    3. Should discharge daily routine services much more than just administrative processes.
    4. Offer a wide coverage of activities which covers Leadership.
    5. Should be a strategic thinker.
    6. Should be an operational management team player.
    7. Should offer adequate supervision pertaining to IPUA operations.
    8. Render adequate coordination and relationship building with participating Universities or Institutions within IPUA scope.
  • conflict resolution and management

    Roles / Duties of conflict resolution and management :

    1. Handle cases of Universities students and it’s related personnel / staff members through mediation negotiations and arbitration.
    2. Offer alternative procedures in conflict resolutions for or on behalf of IPUA to the consortiums of Universities.
    3. Organize seminars conference and workshops which focus on 21st century conflict resolutions mechanism – best practices.
    4. Keep abreast of development in the field of conflict resolution and within IPUA especially in the area of human resources policies.
    5. Perform any other useful duties or special projects pertaining to IPUA in the area of conflict resolution and management.
  • Director of Administration( IPUA)

    Duties / roles of Director of Administration( IPUA):

    1. Overseeing day – to – day operations.
    2. Developing organizational policies.
    3. Disbursing funds to managers.
    4. Managing administrative budgets.
    5. Hiring and training administrative staff.
    6. Negotiating contracts and agreement with vendors.
    7. Maintaining corporate relationship.
  • Director in charge of organisation

    Duties / roles of Director in charge of organisation:

    1. Dissemination of information on timelines.
    2. Ensure that participants supports the aims or goals of IPUA by engaging them in communication to reach a consensus.
    3. Raise questions to address matters pertaining issues of the University Consortium through a laid down feedback mechanism.
    4. Adopt options which is the majority endorsement in handling issues related to IPUA.
    5. Identify workable alternatives and problems that affects morale and majority endorsement in handling issues related to IPUA.
  • Director of Marketing of IPUA

    Duties/roles of Director of Marketing of IPUA :

    1. Defining and managing IPUA brand.
    2. Conducting campaign management for marketing initiatives.
    3. Embark on marketing and promotional materials/activities.
    4. Creating content providing search engine optimisation for IPUA website.
    5. Monitoring and managing social media on behalf of IPUA.
    6. 6. Producing internal communications on behalf of IPUA
  • Director of Public Relations of IPUA

    Duties/roles of Director of Public Relations of IPUA:

    1. Planning Publicity strategies and Campaigns.
    2. Write and produce presentations in workshops/ conferences.
    3. Presents quarterly articles of IPUA for post on social media etc.
    4. Offer Press releases and social media post on behalf of IPUA to curb outrageous or denigrating statements.
    5. Design or manage the production of visual communications as a digital content of IPUA.


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